Arsen: A Broken Love Story

Author: Mia Asher

Pages: 484
Description: description

Wow Amazing!!!!Mia managed to blew my mind!!!This book is so real!!She really makes me understand and accept Cathy’s behaviour!!

This is Cathy’s story..


She is married to Ben who met him in college and fell in love..From the flashbacks we can see how they met and how they fell in love..But now in the present one bad moment breakes Cathy..and now she feels empty..and lost..


She doesn’t feel like when she met Ben..sometimes she feels like they are two friendly strangers who live in the same house..without sex they will be like roommates instead of a married couple..

And then she meets Arsen..a playboy…
For the first time they meet we can see that there is attraction between them..He is starting teasing her..and very soon they become friends…

(I cange my mind I think Alex Pettyfer is perfect for Arsen <3 <3)


At first Cathy tries to resist Arsen’s charm..but he make her feel free..

“With Arsen I can let my emotions take over me and not be ashamed by them.With Arsen I can be me.”

Arsen….mmmm whel he is so hot and sexy!!!!But I’m not sure how you’ll feel about him…maybe you like him or hate him..

But one thing is sure…he wants her..

“For you,I’ll fucking make the impossible happen.There’s no room for fucking sadness in such a pretty face as yours.”

This so hot!!You’ll love all the sex scenes!!


Who she will choose..her husband..who loves her or the man who makes her feel free???

you have to read it and find out!!! :))


ARC kindly provided by author, Mia Asher, in exchange for an honest review

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