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Irrespective of whether it is a window or aisle seat or a seat with more legroom Lufthansa provides you the opportunity of reserving seats for yourself and your travelling companions in advance or of picking them in check in.

Book your favorite seat directly while booking your flight, or in a subsequent moment.

You are able to find all of the info on discretionary, chargeable advance seat reservation in Economy Class here Advance seat reservation in Economy Class.

Obviously, all of the remaining seats can nevertheless be selected free of cost once check in for the relevant flight begins, normally from hours prior to departure. Please be aware that, in this scenario, the choice can in certain circumstances be restricted.

You can also reserve a seat even when you have completed your booking, up to hours prior to death. Retrieve your journey beneath ‘My bookings’ and book or alter your chair there later.

Changes are only possible to seats in the exact same or a lesser cost, and fees already paid won’t be reimbursed.

Please be aware that a verified advance seat reservation does not give you a legal right to a specific chair on board the aircraft e.g. chair A but only to the selected category e.g. aisle, window, try what she says chair with more legroom.

If Lufthansa has to alter your own advance seat reservation, e.g. because of a late change in the aircraft type, Lufthansa will do its best to reserve an equal new chair for you. In these cases, priority is given to seating passengers who are travelling together, e.g. households, alongside each other once again. After this, seats with more legroom in the emergency exit rows, and also the aisle, window and centre seats are allocated.

If a brand new chair allocation isn’t possible in the exact same category e.g. aisle, window, chair with more legroom, you are able to organize a reimbursement of the fee you have paid via the Lufthansa Service Center.

Please be aware that advance seat reservations on flights not operated by Lufthansa, Lufthansa Regional or Austrian Airlines, particularly in Economy Class, are possible only to a limited extent or not at all.

Lufthansa HON Circle Members and Senators can reserve their seats free of charge in advance regardless of traveling course. Excluded from this are reservations of the Economy Class Light cuisine on Europe flights.

For companions of HON Circle Members and Senators travelling on the Economy Class Flex cuisine on European flights, the booking of a seat with more legroom is subject to a fee.

For companions of HON Circle Members and Senators travelling on the Economy Class Classic cuisine on European flights, the booking of a seat with more legroom and in the preferred seating zone is subject to a fee.

On long haul flights, advance seat reservation is free of charge for Lufthansa HON Circle Members and Senators and around three of their companions in all travel classes and also for many seats.

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